How to fix: Connecting issues of Shift Happens on Playstation 4

Since we have been getting more and more emails and messages from people having the same connecting issues on PS4 for Shift Happens, I decided to make a short write up on how to fix this.

What’s the problem?
Whenever trying to connect with your friend in the lobby of Shift Happens, the game gives you the following error message:

“Lost Connection to Partner. Lost Connection to Host.”

How to fix this issue:
The problem can be fixed by following these two steps:

First, both, you and your teammate will have to forward the following ports of your router:

  • 9305
  • 25589
  • 49152

If you don’t know how to forward a port in your router, check out this guide: https://portforward.com/router.htm. It features a great list of many routers, and how to forward ports.

Second, since IPv4 and IPv6 can’t connect with each other, and Shift Happens uses a Peer-to-Peer connection, both of you will need to use the same Internet Protocol version (IPv). To find out which version you are using, check out this site: http://whatismyv6.com/.
In case you are using a different version than your partner, one of you will need to change it in your router.

Note: This highly depends on which internet provider you are using. Not all providers allow both versions and it might not be changeable for you without changing your provider. 

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