Patch v1.1 on Steam and PS4 Trophy fix

Shift Happens Hat-Update

First Patch after release

Here it is, our patch v1.1 for Shift Happens. To celebrate it, we improved our hat feature (which is currently only available on steam) and made it more visible and accessible for everyone. You might also recognize a few youtubers amongst them!

Other than that, the game will be on discount for 20% on Steam from August 3rd to 10th. So go grab it if you haven’t yet.

Patch Notes

Version 1.1 | 3 August 2017

Steam only:

  • Added “FXAA” Option for Anti-Aliasing in settings
  • Added hats menu in the lobby

Steam & PS4

  • Fixed “Don’t be mad at your friend” timechallenge achievement (to unlock it, replay any level and beat the time challenge again)
  • Fixed graphic issues in credits scene
  • Network: Improved lag in general
  • Network: Fixed chain coin async
  • Network: Fixed size async
  • Network: Fixed endless loading screen
  • Network: Fixed dead players snapping
  • Network: Fixed holodeck effect playing for client on restarted timetrials
  • Network: Fixed cutscene async in winroom

Thank you to everyone that supported us by giving a positive review, buying the game and writing us about bugs and feedback. We appreciate it very much and it helps improve the game!

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