We moved!

moving boxes

We’ve moved!

It still is our first year of being in “business” and we have been doing great.

After having a great start there, we are now leaving the premises of the MDH München. Our new office is at the Werk 1 München.

We will be missing the great people of the Mediadesign Hochschule. It is the place we learned most of our knowledge and where we built the team. It is also the institution that gave us the opportunity to start our company without the hassle of finding an office and getting equipment.
Thank you guys for being magnificent hosts and always supporting us.

Without you, things would probably not proceeded as smoothly as they did for us. There were a lot of people responsible for this. Just a few to point out:

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Mercury Shift Devblog: Art Catch Up

In this last bit, we’re going to cover the progress made by the art department of Klonk Games. This will be a bandwith-intensive post, as we are trying to show off a lot of the recently added graphics in form of static images and GIFs.

I will be picking a few cherries here, as showing off all the new things would be a bit too much. Sorry for all the things you might be missing because of this. I hope you’ll find out after release.

New Assets

Over the course of the last weeks, we made new assets. They were all handcrafted and selected by our finest polygon chefs.

The Receiver

The now somewhat famous “bonus object” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohi7LmpQHik) has to be brought in a receiver where it dissolves into confetti. This receiver is now in place and working, including a small opening and closing animation.

The object itself reacts to proximity to the receiver by changing shape and animation.

Receiver in Mercury Shift

Background Objects

We are filling the backgrounds of the levels with, well, stuff. A few of them shall be showcased here:

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Mercury Shift Devblog: Code Catch up

In this post we will be looking at some of the things the code department has been doing during the last months. Mic built some cool tools for the Unity Editor and Rika was busy implementing player functions. But let’s go into more detail:


For this part of the megapost, we will be documenting the progress of the code department.

Above all, there’s bugfixes. Mic and Rika fixed so many bugs recently. Countless things they have solved, busy bees. So let’s get started.


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Mercury Shift Devblog: Gamedesign Recap

After a long pause, here comes the awaited blogpost of it all. It is a megapost, so we devided into a few chew-able bits. We have to catch up a bit with the devblog of Mercury Shift and we haven’t been posting much recently.

A lot of other things have been happening, I can assure you that. As a small teaser, here are some recent screenshots of the game:

But now here is what happened in the last few months in the gamedesign department:

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Bismo & Plom make the Difference

Well, hello there! It’s been a while.

On my first post I gave a short insight on the Character Design for our two little friends, Bismo and Plom. A few months have passed since then and the world of Mercury Shift has grown along with its characters.

Feel free to check out the video, which shows all types of different animations that have been developed up until now.  Of course there’s still more to come in the future and a few more things I’d like to show you in this article.
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