We moved!

moving boxes

We’ve moved!

It still is our first year of being in “business” and we have been doing great.

After having a great start there, we are now leaving the premises of the MDH München. Our new office is at the Werk 1 München.

We will be missing the great people of the Mediadesign Hochschule. It is the place we learned most of our knowledge and where we built the team. It is also the institution that gave us the opportunity to start our company without the hassle of finding an office and getting equipment.
Thank you guys for being magnificent hosts and always supporting us.

Without you, things would probably not proceeded as smoothly as they did for us. There were a lot of people responsible for this. Just a few to point out:

Thanks Maren for helping us build a network we can now draw from. I hope more students realize the importance of the things you suggest and organize.

Thanks Annabelle for always being there when needed. Always. You made our life so much easier and you are doing a great job.

It was always a pleasure to meet you in the kitchen, Jana, Verena, Verena, Sabrina and Bernhard. We will miss the chit-chat and the free fruits. You will probably need a new milk-foamer, though ;)

During our academic career, we always had the support of a great backoffice, starring Manuela. Also Isa helped us a lot with university-related topics. Thanks for being always being a advocate of the students.

Thanks for the warm welcome every day at the MDH by Gabi and Petra.

For tech support we could always rely on Dominik, Alessandro, Stefan and the rest of the team. You were awesome. Also thanks for playtesting from time to time!

As for our professors, Bartosz, Dominik, Jakob and Axel were a huge support. Thanks for sometimes kicking our butt and being always of help.
You guys created an ever-improving curriculum over the last few years. It makes us incredibly happy to see that our concerns and suggestions are being taken seriously. We are eager to be of help at all times to help you build this thing.

All of you guys have been contributing to our company enormously. We will stay in touch!


As for our new office, we already feel like home. We were welcomed by a whole bunch of nice people. Donuts were involved.

Robin Hartmann in a box

Apart putting filthy pictures in the donut box, Robin Hartmann is responsible for all the things that revolve around Bavaria and games. Thanks for the donuts!

Well, we’re happy to start in this new office. The canine intern also made his way to work and he is already feeling the mondays.

sleepy intern Yuki


Next on the purchase list: A coffee machine.

We’re looking forward to keep you updated with game-related content in the next days!

All the best,
The Klonks


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