Time-lapse: Creating a tutorial level for MS3D

When I show people prototypes or games we’ve been working on I always get asked if I was the programmer or maybe the guy who has drawn all this. I try then to explain what exactly it is that I am doing and every time I catch myself saying:

“Well, it is not as easy to explain what a level designer does.”

I try to come up with “easy” examples of real life. I usually answer: “I’m the guy who makes up rules and tests them. Try to imagine football…” and then I am stuck with explaining what I do giving the impression I have no clue at all.

So I sat down and edited a video for everybody who has always been wondering what I do. A video about one of the many tasks of a Game / Level Designer: Creating levels for our platformer project in Unity 3D engine.

I recorded myself while working on  a tutorial level for our singleplayer. The level is supposed to teach players basic functions and controls of the game, in this particular case it is meant to teach players how the shift-mechanic works.

I hope the video at least gives some of you an insight and for the rest that still have no clue: there will be more soon!

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