Mercury Shift 3D added to page, also: Gamesprout!

Mercury Shift 3D(Working title) banner

Mercury Shift 3D(Working title) banner

Best thing about making your game? Seeing progress and getting feedback. We are as happy as a bird with a french fry to see things coming together. The team worked quite hard the week before we started writing our bachelor thesis. There is new art coming, but this will be a later feature.

We worked hard, and Matt found something interesting.

Pay-off for the hard work: A subpage for Mercury Shift 3D in the “Games” section.

So during his research for the bachelor thesis, Matt wrote Jesse Schell a mail and did not expect too much, I guess. But Jesse being the awesome person he is, answered him, helped him and the pointed out, we should maybe try this new platform, he is involved in: Gamesprout.

Matt took our game to the platform, initiated the team to join and now we are fully involved. I can only point out what a nice platform it is. We got VERY useful feedback, offerings for help and nice comments. If you’re making a game, join. If you like to help people with their games, join.

We are happy to give feedback to other projects and share our juvenile wisdom with other people.

Visit Mercury Shift 3D on Gamesprout!

That’s it for now, enjoy the platform and its busy community. One more time we learned how much fun it is to contribute to other projects as well as your own.

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