A.Maze Indie Connect Festival

Last week was an eventful one. Due to a nomination for an award we went to Berlin. Lucky for us, the Deutsche Gamestage(DGT) were taking place at this time, so we decided to take part in the Quo Vadis Conference (QVC)  as well as in the A.Maze Indie Connect Festival!

A.Maze Indie Connect Festival 2013

A.Maze 2013

It has been an exhausting week and our schedule was crowded with events from talks about business, networking, letting people playtest our latest prototype and participating in aftershowpartys (those were the most exhausting ;).

After the last day of QVC we were tired and skeptical if the A.Maze festival is worth visiting for one day only, since we’ve never been there before. Nevertheless we were positively surprised!

Mercury Shift prototype @A.Maze festival

Mercury Shift prototype @A.Maze festival

It was located in the Urban Spree, which is a beautiful location. We met a bunch of nice people, could socialize a lot and even exhibit our prototype of “Mercury Shift 3D” (gameplay footage). It was amazing to get great feedback from people playing the game as well as observing them having fun and talking to us. I’d like to thank everybody that took the time to playtest and give feedback. And we had the chance to play a lot of games that were exhibited there. A lot of games.

Also, we met again with Oliver Eberlei from Hammerlabs. Last week, he was in Munich for the make munich and we had the chance to play their game Sky Arena. If you ever played one of the Star Fox games, you should check that one out. It is a fun  F2P action shooter with nifty nice graphics. They’re developing it for the OUYA, but at the moment you can also play it online. The local 4 player multiplayer was a lot of fun.

My personal favourite of the A.Maze was the virtual reality project “The Gaudy Woods” by the two german students Thi Binh Minh Nguyen and Robert Frentzel of “Rice ‘N’ Potato”.

Mathias playing "The Gaudy Woods" @A.Maze festival

Mathias playing “The Gaudy Woods” @A.Maze festival

Although we didn’t participate in the award ceremony on friday and were “only” visiting for a few hours, the A.Maze was a great experience and we will definitely be back next year for the whole event. Hopefully with another cool project!

Here are some impressions of the festival and a few people playing our game:



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