Tutorial levels – Part 3

This post is part of our devblog and consists of multiple posts. See part 1 and part 2.

With our second playtest we realized that the tutorials were going in the right direction, but still needed some polishing. Particularly:

  • Marks on the floor and wall drawings have to be more evident
  • Keys must be clearly assigned to the players

And we tried the following things in Prototype 3:

Level design:
remains unchanged, except for bugfixes and balancing

Message boxes:

  • Markings are colored orange and are clearly visible against the blue background
  • Pictures of the Avatars will be placed next to their keys

Message Box in prototype 3 of the game

Wall drawings:
Wall drawings also get an orange coloring

Wall drawing in prototype 3 of the game

Play test results 3:

  • Players are still not able to assign the message boxes to the different markings
  • Often the players do not perceive the transition between the message boxes
  • Message boxes are often activated in the wrong order
  • Message boxes are still too often not seen
  • No more confusion regarding the assignment of keys
  • Wall drawings serve their purpose: players understand how to solve the challenges
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