Update on Mercury Shift 3D with Gameplay teaser

Hello everybody!

So here is the latest gameplay trailer of our 3D project “Mercury Shift 3D” (working title). Some of you might have seen it in Berlin on the Quo Vadis Conference.

The main mechanic is the same as in our 2D version of Mercury Shift, but a lot has changed since then.

First of all we are in 2,5D now and we’re developping the game with Unity 3D. Therefore our visuals have changed a lot, obviously. All the art that you can see in the trailer was created within 6 weeks of development. We also designed lots of levels in that time and before and were working hard on a tutorial to introduce new players to our mechanics and gameplay. Since we are searching for a publisher for the game, we also started to develop a singleplayer mode which is in testing at the moment.

The major changes in comparison to the 2D flash version are:

  • Theme and setting of the game

  • 2,5D instead of 2D

  • pacing and speed of the game (jump & run feeling)

  • smooth controls

  • a lot of new objects (moving platforms, doors, bounce platforms, poles, magnets) and triggers

  • and a very cool camera movement

The characters are still in progress and the red and blue boxes that you can see in the trailer are simply dummy models. We are not exactly sure about our theme and setting yet. We are moving towards a different direction than the jungle-temple theme in the gameplay video.

Here’s a little concept art for possible characters and one mood/level draft:

All the best from Berlin and Munich!

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