Watcha doing, mate? – Ask Klonk Anything

„So what is it you do, exactly?“ is the most frequent asked question when talking about your work. Also, this is a question raised by our team members asking other klonk-folks.
Artists are curious about what the code-department does and gamedesigners wonder why the artists drink so much coffee and all that. It is not only interesting, but also helpful to know what the other people in your team are up to. As any feedback is helpful, that question can be a motivation to change perspective on your problem or task and help you get your own stuff done.

We thought it may be interesting for all of you to know those things, not just us. So we are asking ourselves questions about some of the things now and then publicly via twitter and answer them on our blog. We are also looking forward to external suggestions and are happy to answer anything.

(The art department kicked the thing off by just asking our gamedesigners something)

„Art asks Gamedesign: How the hell do you keep players from getting stuck in a level because they screwed up a puzzle? „

Enjoy our Q&A series and don’t be shy about asking us anything via twitter or on the devblog!


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