Sneak Peek Character Design

The character designs from our current game project changed quite a bit. Here is a little preview for everyone to enjoy:

Rendering of dummy characters

Quick render of our dummy characters

I am quite happy with the big one, but the small and the medium sized version are going to be changed. What should be visible, is a evolutionary connection between the three, as they can change shapes between the different states.

Also missing: textures. But that’s for later, those are just rough blockouts to get a rough idea of what we should do.

Big character:

He should look a bit clumsy and not too intelligent. He is the heavyweight and is able to lift big and medium-sized boxes, but not small ones, as he cannot reach to the ground. At the moment he is half as fast as the small character.

Medium character:

Medium and small are quite similar when it comes to walking speed. The should have the same feel to play, agility-wise. With not being able to run as fast as the small character, he is able to lift middle-sized boxes and throw them. Also he should be able to pick up the small character and throw him as well. The design tries to reflect that with not too strong legs and usable arms.

Small character:

Being the fastest character in the game, he has small but speedy legs. As he can only push small crates, he does not have strong arms and hands. For pushing a crate he has to rely on his own weight. The facial features are not enough, in my opinion. So maybe I’m going to have a extra look at that.

Reworking the characters seems like a good idea, because they do not really give the impression of a manufacturing series. The player should be able to recognize some features in every robot and they should look like a consistent series of robots.

That’s it so far. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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