New Klonk Games office location!


As we are getting serious about business and making things, we moved into our new office. It consists of two rooms right next to each other. The rooms being not too big, it is quite comfy at our place. you want to bring us cake? Our adress can be found after the jump.

We are located at our university, the MD.H. The rooms are provided as part of an incubator program for media-based startups from the university. It is good to have nice surroundings and a lot of potential testers. We draw a lot from the exchange with the students and we sure hope they can learn something from us.

If you are planning on visiting us or sending us postcards:

Klonk UG
Claudius-Keller-Straße 7
81669 München

Be sure to call us ahead, otherwise you could end up in a NERF mexican standoff.

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